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NSB&R Show 26-28th February (04 March 2010)

Well what can we say about our experience at the National Self Build & Renovation Show last weekend?

Well, if we’re in a recession, no one told the legion of self builders squeezing into Buildstore’s ‘big shed’ just off the M4 at Swindon! If it wasn’t people crowding the seminars about ‘how to find a plot’, or queuing for finance advice, the place was humming despite the torrential rain outside. There was a real buzz in the air, from people who have waited around long enough. They’ve decided to get ahead of the game and work towards their dream of self building!

It’s obvious that people are getting the advanced organisation, planning and in principle mortgage details out of the way now so that when summer comes they can be ready to build. The self build industry had better wake up and get its skates on if it is capitalise on this re-invigorated market.

In addition to the core Buildstore financial, insurance, plot search and trade card offer, the NSB&R Centre is a real smorgasbord of manufacturers, suppliers, service industry specialists and gurus - all, it seems vying for a piece of the action!

If you didn’t make it to the show last week, make an appointment and get down there.  Self build has now well and truly kicked off for 2010 – are you ready?  

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